The Weekly Pencil started as just that-- a pencil blog. Since its inception in 2015, the Weekly Pencil has grown into something so much more. While pencils are my first love, all things stationery are now discussed here. I hope that you enjoy wandering through the archives and following the new content I continue to publish. 

Me. With a giant pencil of course!


About Me

When I first decided to blog about pencils it seemed like an silly idea. Just who, in fact, would even want to read about pencils? Would I have a following? Would people care? Was there even a place for me on the internet? Yes. Yes to all three questions. The stationery community is large and very active and it has been a pleasure interacting with all of its members. 

Now for the juicy stuff: I am a non-traditional college student attending Mount Holyoke College majoring in Psychology with a minor in Religion. Besides school, my other hobbies include playing video games and tabletop games, reading, and hiking. I live in Western Massachusetts with my wife and six cats. I also host a podcast called RSVP with two other lovely ladies. Take a listen!