Eberhard Faber Mongol 482

I had a hard time deciding which pencil to choose as my first.  My knee-jerk reaction was to pick my current favorite the Tombow MONO 100, but I wanted something new.  I also want this blog experience to be unique and have all of you see my new experiences unfold as I discover them.  Utilizing my limited historical pencil knowledge, I remembered that the Mongol was the first US pencil to be dressed in the majestic yellow that we all know and love.  And, well, with this being the first week of writing about pencils, it seemed perfect.  Since this is a blog about pencil usage, I won't be able to really delve into the history of the Mongol, but there is a great post on the blog Contrapuntalism that talks a bit about Eberhard Faber.  So now onto the Mongol: My sharpener of choice for this week is the oh-so-lovely KUM Brass Wedge Single Hole Sharpener 300-1.  Might be hard to find in the US since it was discontinued due to lead concerns, but if you find one I highly recommend it.  Just don't eat it or give it to small children.  The Mongol I am using is an 482 F from the 1950s.  It is so beautiful and the lead is perfectly centered.  I almost don't want to sharpen it, but alas, we are here to write.



As I am still not in school until the second week of September, my writing this week will consist of my Morning Pages, notes from meetings I attend and (most importantly) my weekly Dungeons & Dragons game.  My main writing paper of choice is the Kokuyo Campus B5 notebook.  The paper in the Campus notebooks is velvety smooth and a pleasure to write on.  My current pocket notebook is a Field Notes State Fair edition (Massachusetts).  My sharpening experience was a breeze and the KUM sharpener tackled the task with ease.  I am looking forward to writing with this pencil this week.  I'll talk to all of you in a few days to let you know how it is going.