Mongol 482: Midweek

I have had time to write a bit with the Mongol 482 and already have some distinctive observations.  Firstly, the Mongol has a great weight to it.  It feels very balanced and solid.  Writing with the Mongol has been a pleasure and I have found that I really only needed to sharpen the pencil once a B5-sized page.  The lead hardness is a little hard for my liking since I regularly use 2B lead, but it transfers well to the paper and writing is easy to read. CM150816-10140401


I really am enjoying my experience with this pencil.  I haven't done nearly as much writing as I normally do for school, but the writing I have done has been a pleasure.  I can't stop raving about the durability of the lead.  As a very hard pressing writer, not one point has broken yet and writing right after using the KUM Long-Point was a joy.

On the non-technical side of things, writing with a pencil that is almost 70 years old has been quite the trip.  I find myself wondering about the story of this pencil; did it reside in a teacher's classroom at some point or just having my mind blown about the idea that this pencil has seen the landing on the moon and existed on this earth for 30 years already when I was born in 1980.  A lot of times people just pick up a pen or pencil and write, but stopping to think about the pencil's journey really can blow one's mind.