General's Pacific 365 #2

This week I decided to use a pencil that has its origins in my home state of New Jersey.  Edward Weissenborn, a mechanical engineer, learned the art of pencil making in Germany while working for the Renbach Lead Pencil Company.  In 1854, Weissenborn came to American with dreams of opening his own pencil factory and in 1860 his dreams would come true.  The American Pencil Company had the reputation of making quality pencils and received many accolades from prominent figures such as the Governor and Mayor of NYC at the time.  The American Pencil Company was later sold so Weissenborn could pursue other ventures. Source:

Just a few years later Edward Weissenborn's son Oscar followed in his father's footsteps and opened his own pencil company and in 1914 moved to a factory in Jersey City and General Pencil Company was born.  For over 100 years, General's has been family run and owned and operates out of the same Jersey City factory.  General's has since expanded to California to become closer to the incense cedar supply and to the Western market.  General pencil still uses genuine California Incense Cedar wood and its same quality formulas from years past.

I was originally going to try a different sharpener every week, but I have found that the KUM Automatic Brake Long Point sharpener consistently provides the type of point I like to start with.  I do not like that it has a plastic body that is prone to cracking and wearing out, but until KUM brings the Masterpiece over here to the States, this is what I have to work with.  The Pacific sharpened up beautifully and the minute I put graphite to paper I was pleased.  This pencil is such a contrast to last week's Mongol in regards to the smoothness of writing.  The lead is a bit softer, but I was able to complete a crossword puzzle, two sudoku puzzles and my weekly checklist without sharpening.


I am really looking forward to using the Pacific this week and can't wait to see how longer writing samples feel.  I have also begun to relearn cursive writing, so with this pencil's smoothness and overall hand feel, I feel as though this is a perfect week to practice my penmanship of yesteryear.  Stay tuned for further thoughts this week and most likely (horrible) cursive writing samples.