Nataraj Neon Final Thoughts

This week has been quite the experience with the Nataraj.  I went into the week not expecting much since the Nataraj is a budget pencil.  Boy was I wrong.  I have a few gripes with its performance, but let's get to the positives first.  I am absolutely in love with the colors this pencil comes in.  I seem to be on a neon kick lately, but the colors are vibrant and the matching-- although useless-- eraser is a nice touch.  The barrel of the pencil has a sharp hexagonal shape and feels good in the hand. 20150905_144446

Writing with the Nataraj is a pleasure; the darkness of the graphite on paper is just the way I like it and it does not feel scratchy or gritty at all.  With the smooth writing comes some drawbacks though.  I had to sharpen the Nataraj constantly (or so it seemed).  For example, I filled up one side of a college-ruled notebook page and I had to sharpen five times.  This is not a scientific observation because I tend to press pretty hard when writing and I always like a sharper point on my pencils.  The softness of the graphite is not a deal breaker for me, but the Nataraj is not a pencil I would turn to when taking notes or writing for long periods of time.  I did use this pencil during my weekly Dungeons and Dragons game and it worked perfectly.

20150905_144955As you can see, the pencil is not made of 100 percent cedar.  That is a negative for me since I like the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil.  Also, if you decide to pick up this pencil, do not use the eraser.  It ripped the paper I was writing on and when it did not rip paper it was all but useless.  In conclusion, if you are looking for an attractive, softer graphite pencil at a budget price, the Nataraj is not a bad choice at all.  Just don't make it a workhorse pencil because you will be greatly disappointed.