Tombow 2558 HB

The Tombow 2558 has been a pleasure to write with this week.  Smooth, dark graphite for an HB graded pencil, a nice color coordinated look, and pretty decent graphite durability. FB_IMG_1442947217591

I didn't really expect much from an regular old school pencil, but as always Tombow never fails to disappoint.  I found myself entrenched with statistics notes this week and the Tombow came through.  My only complaints were that the graphite, because it was soft, wore down pretty quickly and I required a bit more sharpening than I would have liked.  The eraser on the pencil wore down pretty quickly and left a lot of crumbly shavings, but I did like the nice touch of matching the ferrule with the foil stamping on the pencil.


I gave this pencil such a high rating because even though it wore down pretty quickly, I could see myself ordering a gross of this pencil and using it every day.  Head over to JetPens if you are interested in picking up a few!20150927_135040