Nataraj 621 Ruby HB

I was really excited to experience the Nataraj 621 since I had read over at CW Pencils that it was a great, cheap pencil that held its point fairly well.  I had already reviewed a Nataraj pencil before (the Neon) and found that it wore down pretty easily, but I enjoyed the smoothness of the pencil and the unique wood grain.20150927_140645 I had sharpened the Ruby up and was off.  The writing was great!  Smooth and a nice darkness for an HB pencil.  Then came time to sharpen her again.  I was using my Blackwing Long-Point sharpener and after exposing the wood and moving onto sharpener two, the lead broke right off.  OK.  These things happen.  Sharpened it again, get to stage two and then the point broke off again.  Hmmm.  Third time was a charm, but I was pretty disappointed that I had to sacrifice almost 2 inches of pencil to get a solid point.  I understand that these things happen and I tried not to dwell on it.  After that one incident the pencil had no more issues, but I ran out of pencil before the week was over.  I did not have another, so I just started on next week's pencil (I'm not telling).  Here is what I was left with by Friday (I had started using the pencil on a Sunday):


I would be willing to give this pencil a shot again, but due to the nature of my experience and how quickly the graphite wore for me, I definitely do not see the Nataraj 621 becoming an every day pencil.  Overall 4/10.