General's Badger #2

Sometimes using fancy pencils spoils you when you have to revert back to cheaper pencils.  And sometimes you really wish that you strategically planned out your pencil choices so massive disappointment did not happen.  Even further, you wish that there was some sort of "palate cleanser" pencil to use for a day or two to get your mind off of the joy that was enveloping you the previous week.  Unfortunately, I am human and am subject to bias and extreme subjectivity.  That does not mean I still didn't have a good time writing this week, it was just that I as underwhelmed. 20151019_122230

This week, I randomly selected my pencil and the General's Badger was the lucky guy to get chosen.  I really love the name of the Badger and equally love the classic yellow hexagonal barrel and green foil imprint.  The Badger has a nice weight to it and sharpened up perfectly with no breakage or crumbling.  The cedar smell was nice-- not as intense as I prefer-- but it was there.


I have quite the soft spot for General Pencil Co. since they are based out of my home state of New Jersey and was excited to put graphite to paper (note: the Badger is manufactured in Shelbyville, TN).  My statistics class always gives me a challenge since I not only have to write notes, but draw bell curves and formulas.  Writing with the 211 last week was amazing and a hell of a lot easier on my hand and wrist (I tend to press a bit hard when writing).  Well, this is where my earlier statement about being spoiled comes in.  After a page of writing, my hand was killing me!  It was not the darkness of the graphite, but the smoothness of the writing.  I do not write in cursive (I don't know how to anymore sadly) so I do realize that printing doesn't allow for as much fluidity as script does, but I found myself not able to keep up.  I will say that the graphite was not gritty, but just not smooth (if that makes any sense).  The eraser on the Badger is effective, but very dusty and wears away quickly.  Performance aside, I really am in love with the look of the Badger.


At around 75 cents a pencil, this performs as it should for a budget pencil.  The Badger wore down at a slow enough pace that I only had to sharpen every 2 pages (B5 size).  This pencil will go on my maybe list for a bulk buy and while there is nothing really wrong with this pencil, do not use it after using a Blackwing.  Overall 7/10.