Musgrave Test Scoring Pencil


I thank the heavens that I rarely do not have to do a test via Scantron sheets anymore, but when I randomly selected the pencil for this week I had flashbacks to those dreadful sheets.  I was super excited to try out the Musgrave Test Scoring pencil since I really love how fierce the hexagonal barrel of the pencil is.  I am a big fan of hexagonal pencils and really hate when pencil manufacturers "round off" their pencils to give them a softer line.  But alas, this is just personal preference and while it did award the pencil some brownie points, it did not impact the review much.


The imprint on the Musgrave is very utilitarian; the lacquer is a silvery gray, the imprint is a simple black stamping of the name of the pencil and where it was manufactured.  I do like that it has four square boxes with one colored in to further drive home the point that it is-- indeed-- a Test Scoring pencil.  The "100" is a nice touch as well, as it gives me something to strive for while test taking.  All kidding aside, this pencil is a clean and basic representation of what a .40 pencil should be.


Sharpening the Musgrave Test Scoring pencil went smoothly (no pun intended, I swear!) and confirmed the fact that this is a very soft and dark pencil.  The electro-graphite is extra reflective so it is easily picked up by test-scanning machines and the extra softness helps you lay down smooth dark lines.  Besides test-taking, I could see this pencil being used for Sudoku puzzles or newspaper crossword puzzles since it is nice and dark.  Writing with the pencil all week was a chore for me because I had to sharpen it way more often than normal.  On about Thursday, I was not sure if the pencil would last the whole week, but I made it with room to spare.  The eraser on the pencil is very hard and dusty and while it does its job, I prefer to use a separate eraser.


As with all of the pencils I review, I look at them with a heavy-writing perspective.  All of my reviews keep that sole fact in mind.  With that being said, my score for things is through the lens of a full-time student who does a lot of writing.  So the Musgrave Test Scoring pencil, while it is a decent pencil for what it is intended to do, did not work that well for me this week (that's not to say it isn't awesome for other applications!).  Overall 3/10