Baron Fig Guardian Vanguard Leather Case

The moment I saw the Guardian case for the Vanguard I knew I had found my new wallet. I had been using a Mighty Wallet for about four years and it was slowly becoming worn out. I wanted something that would last a long time and be useful. I am not one to carry a lot of cards so the two slots for cards would be perfect. I love the fact that there was a spot for a Vanguard book if you wanted (or you can just use it for more storage). The color I chose was a super bright yellow and yes, it IS as bright (if not brighter) as the pictures online. I have used the wallet for over a week now and here are my thoughts:


The design of this Guardian case is amazing and the attention to detail is phenomenal. It is very minimalist and the stitching is damn near perfect. Inside the case, "Baron Fig" is neatly debossed into the lower right corner. The two slots for cards are the perfect size and fit my debit card and license with some room to spare. I decided to slip a vanguard into the right side of the case and while It fits just fine, I did have some trouble pushing the cover into the pocket. I think this difficulty will fade with time as the wallet has not broken in just yet. That brings me to my other issue I have had-- sliding money into the pocket under the cards. Again, I think that this will fade as the wallet breaks in, but it is frustrating when you are trying to put all of your things away and there is a line forming behind you. I want to point out that these minor frustrations are not a fault of the product, but merely growing pains that hopefully will fade over time.

more stitching.jpg

The wallet/case has broken in nicely this past week and I am noticing some wear on the edges. This is great as I like my leather goods to be nice and worn. The wallet/case is a bit long (5.5"x3.8") so while it fits in my back pocket ok, it *just* fits so be mindful of that. (For reference, I wear men's pants so these are deep pockets) None of the issues, if you could call them that, are disqualifications for me. I would buy this product in a heartbeat if you are looking for something that is not only functional and stylish, but well-made. The pocket-sized Guardian case comes in several colors: blue slate, fig wine, charcoal, and yellowgold and is priced at $45. You can find them here