What it's Worth: Letting Go

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about recent events that have happened in my life that forced me to sell some of my beloved pencil collection.  Long story short, had a car accident, needed to pay $1000 deductible, didn't have that money, had to sell Blackwing Limited Edition pencils.  At the time, the thought of parting with those pencils was painful.  Yeah, I know they sat in a box within a box in my office and I had not looked at them for months, but they were "special" and worth something.  Every hobby has the same affliction-- the fear of missing out.  I buy every limited edition item from Blackwing, Write, and Field Notes and stash them away-- for what I don't know.  I see posts in the group about acquiring the latest and greatest things and just HAVE to have that item.  After all, I have a blog to maintain and readers to please and if I don't keep up, I will become irrelevant.  Every quarter, $100 or so dollars leaves my bank account and I put the items away never to be pulled out again (for the most part).

When I think about why I got into this hobby, I think about how I originally used pencils.  That's the key word: USED.  I USED pencils.  I did not squirrel them away, I bought collectible items to use them.  I enjoyed sharpening up a 211 and writing with that thing until I had a little nub of a pencil.  Somehow along the way, I lost that wonderment and instead became swept up in this "need to have it" current.  So getting back to two weeks ago, I listed a bunch of my Blackwings and a few notebooks in the Erasable Facebook group and everything sold in about four hours.  I made $500.  Five hundred dollars that would have otherwise been sitting on my shelf.  My pencils bailed me out of a tight spot.  Pencils that I really would not have ever used.  This prompted me to think about my priorities which then made me make some changes.  I rather use what I've got than stockpile pencils or notebooks I will never use.  That's not to say I won't purchase new things, but those purchases will be calculated and thought out.  Not knee jerk "have to buy or else" for fear of missing out.  My blog has a large enough following that I think talking about using items will be more appreciated than talking about new items.  There are other stationery blogs out there that can take that place of talking about new things.  For me, I will use and tell all of you about it.  What good is a pencil anyway if one does not use it?