Baron Fig Confidant Limited Edition: Raspberry Honey

It's not often that I open a product I have been sent to review and gasp audibly. When I got the box in the mail I was immediately drawn to the artwork on the outside. Whimsical characters drawn by artist Geoff Gouveia are riding through countless bees and honey harvesting paraphernalia on what appears to be a Yak. Upon opening the box, you will find a small booklet which contains a lovely short story that introduces the characters on the box artwork and alludes to the use of a "maroon notebook." These small details in the story actually make you feel as though you, too, are holding a maroon notebook that has the potential to contain your very own ideas about honey (the short story is also written by Gouveia). The presentation of this limited edition product is phenomenal and the story just adds the perfect touch. Don't skip it. Take a few minutes and read it. 

After I read the booklet, I put it aside and got my first peek at the Raspberry Honey Confidant. It is beautiful. It's not so much maroon as it is an actual raspberryish/cranberry color. At first glance you see small things embossed on the front and back covers, but when taking a closer look, you find that they are BEES embossed on the cover (this small detail inspired my gasp). When you open the notebook, you are greeted with the same artwork you found on the box. There is a cloth bookmark like every Confidant has and this one is a mauveish color. The paper inside the book is dot grid and there have been no changes to its quality. I threw a bunch of pens and pencils at it and the paper was receptive to all. The paper in the Confidant is a bit toothier than other papers I normally use, but it's not so toothy it is a deal breaker. The amount of feedback the paper give me when I write in pencil is just right.  

Besides this Confidant, I only own one other and that is the classic. I have used to pretty extensively to jot down notes and project ideas for school as well as blog post planning. The Raspberry Honey is different. It's special and I'm not quite sure what I will pen on its pages. No matter what I do decide to fill it with, I am sure I will enjoy using it and carrying it around.If any of you are on the fence about picking up a limited edition Confidant, hop off. Now is the time to pick one up. I have a feeling this one is not going to last.