Baron Fig Lock and Key Limited Edition

As a stationery blogger, I see a lot of products on a weekly and even daily basis. Very few stop me in my tracks from just the pictures I get in press releases, but Baron Fig's newest offering took my breath away. This edition of the new Confidant and Squire is perhaps Baron Fig's most thoughtful limited edition offering. The theme is so simple yet perfectly executed. The Confidant is "the lock" and the Squire is "the key." Along with the notebook there is a small pamphlet with a maze and a small poem that suggests that there is a puzzle to be solved. The Squire's cardboard tube acts as a key to decode the symbols that are printed on the maze and inside the covers of the Confidant. Again-- amazing attention to detail here. I like that a little fun was added to this edition. As far as how both the pen and notebook perform, they are both the quality to be expected of Baron Fig. I will go through each separately:


I was in love with the beauty of this brass pen, but was unsure of how I would feel about its weight. Upon weighing the Key Squire and a regular Squire, the Key weighed just over two times the weight of the regular. What's equally exciting about the brass Squire is the amazing patina that it will develop. The brass pen also pairs amazingly with the dark green Confidant and the pen's performance on the paper is great as always. 


The Lock Confidant is perhaps one of my favorite Baron Fig offerings to date. I really love the embossed maze and key on the front of it-- it really makes me think I am locking away all of my thoughts and dreams into this book. Speaking of which, I have started to use this Confidant as a journal and have been thoroughly enjoying the theme. The inside front cover is a bright white with a maze design. Interspersed are various symbols that need decoding. The paper inside is dot grid and is consistent with the paper in all of the other Confidants-- slightly toothy and perfect for the Squire. The only thing I don't like is the slight amount of ghosting that happens when writing on the page. Not sure if that will ever be fixed, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. I just wish their own pen wasn't doing the ghosting. 

Overall, I think if you were ever on the fence about picking up a limited edition pairing, this is the one the pull the trigger on. The theme is there, the quality is there, and the brass Squire makes it so worth it. Head over to Baron Fig soon because I feel as though these will sell out quickly. 

**I received this set free from Baron Fig, but these opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced by free stuff.**