Baron Fig Limited Edition Squire: Mysterium

This isn't my first rodeo reviewing a Baron Fig Limited Edition Squire, but it is my first time reviewing one that is just so damn amazing. This iteration of the LE Squire, Mysterium, is all about science and space. Specifically, what is out there? What have we yet to discover in the great expanse that is outer space? Baron Fig has been known for its creativity and thinking outside of the box approach with most of its limited editions, but this one is extra special as one of my stationery pals, author, blogger, and podcaster, Harry Marks, wrote a short story that accompanies the pen. Marks' writing is exquisite and I haven't been moved by a short story like that in so long. I am left wanting more-- it's fiction that speaks truths. If you don't buy the pen, read the story at least. 


So the pen: it's beautiful! It has a nice warm, orange color that almost seems to give off a glow when the light hits it just right. Etched into the barrel near the top is a 20-sided icosahedron (for nerds, that's a d20). I know that this edition was more of a nod towards science and space, but man does it work for us RPG nerds out there. Again, Baron Fig hits it out of the park with this edition. I'd pick up one before they sell out-- which will probably be soon since there are SO MANY of us nerds out there. One thing I recommend with this pen is the leather pen sheath. While the twisting mechanism is great, it has often engaged while in my pocket which led to disastrous results. 


**Baron Fig provided this pen free of charge in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and in now way influenced by free stuff.**