Baron Fig Gather Review Journal


The Baron Fig Gather Review Journal is one in a series of guided journals Baron Fig has released over the past year. These journals are great for going deep on your daily routine, documenting recipes, developing good habits, and now, reviewing your favorite things or activities. When I got the email to ask if I wanted a review copy, I hesitated as I figured how could I ever use a journal like this? I don’t really consume much popular media and I’m not one to really care or reflect on what I do consume. Well, I’ve had this journal for a little over a week now and it has brought much intentionality to my life and the way I look at certain things. The first thing that surprised me was what I wound up using this journal for. After writing up a review for a book I finished reading, it dawned on me— I could use this journal to review items for this blog! This is such a great idea as it helps me jot my down my thoughts on the fly and also scratches that analog itch I seem to always have. When it comes to blogging, perhaps it’s the bridge between digital and analog. Anyhow, I really enjoy the format as it’s short-form and encourages you to be deliberate with your words.


Aesthetically speaking, the Gather has a nice olive green cover with the 15 different logos that are used for the different review categories embossed on the front of the book. Each page is laid out in a very simplistic manner: there is a spot to log the item you are reviewing, about half a page to write your thoughts, and then at the bottom there is a 5-star rating system and underneath that space for your high points and your low points. On the side of the page are little square icons of each of the 15 categories one could use to signify what they are reviewing. Some of the categories are: video games, music, books, food, place, product, art, etc. At the back of the journal there is a journaling guide like the Grow Daily Journal has. The guide gives you a brief description of each genre and its components. I didn’t think I would find this part of the book interesting, but it was actually really helpful to peruse to get some ideas generated.


The final part of this review is on whether or not you should buy one. Short answer: it depends. If you consume a lot of media, travel, or eat out a lot, this may be beneficial to you. The journal will be especially beneficial if you practice any kind of mindfulness exercise or spend time deep in thought analyzing your interests. If none of this sounds like you, I would pass on this for sure. Overall, I think it is still a worthwhile purchase because unless you find yourself reviewing things a lot, this will probably be a one-time purchase. At $24, the Gather is not a bad deal at all. You can find the Gather over at Baron Fig along with their other guided journals.