Moon Products TRY-REX


I was particularly excited to try out the TRY-REX since it was "America's first triangular pencil."  It is not three-sided like most triangular pencils we are used to, but instead has a unique design that still maintains a hexagonal shape with every other side of the hexagonal barrel being curved instead of straight.  This leaves the user with a comfortable grip and a pencil that can be used for long periods of time without hand fatigue.  The TRY-REX sharpens well enough, but I am not quite sure of the wood composition as it produces very dusty shavings (even with my Masterpiece) that crumble very easily.  It's fairly fragrant, but not a nice deep cedar smell that I love, but instead has a more like an earthy, body odor-like scent (if that makes sense). 20160209_154731

The graphite hardness/darkness is a tad lighter than I like it to be, but it lays down smoothly and does not smudge that much.  Point retention is fair and I am making personal progress with not pressing so damn hard.  The eraser is crap-- very dusty and gritty feeling and barely does an adequate job of erasing most marks.  I actually prefer to used a seperate eraser anyway, but this is not a deal-breaker for me, but still frustrating nonetheless.  They style of the pencil is simple: a bit between glossy and matte red finish with a white imprint.  I think it is pretty nifty that they show a little "triangle" diagram on the barrel of the pencil to illustrate the barrel shape.


I do not have many complaints about this pencil and at sixty cents a piece from CW Pencil Enterprise, they are worth a pick up.  Overall 8/10.