Platinum Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter Pens

I thought that I had found my highlighter for life in the Stabilo Boss until I met the Platinum Preppy. The Boss highlighters are uniquely shaped which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending upon what grip works for you, but where they really shine is the fact that you can leave the cap off for four hours without it drying out. This is extremely convenient. Plus, they are refillable, but I digress. This isn't a review about the Stabilo Boss highlighters. It is about the Platinum Preppies. And boy did they change my perspective. 


The body of the Platinum Preppy is translucent and has a cap with a bright translucent color that matches the highlighter color. The translucence of the body is helpful as it lets you see the level of the cartridge in the pen. The Preppies come in five colors and refills for all five colors are readily available. When using the highlighter, the first thing I noticed was that it was extremely wet. The wetness fades the more you use the highlighter, but it is noticeable for the first few uses. Wetness aside, the pigments are amazingly bright and what I found to be truest to the neon many highlighters try to represent. They do go through to the other side of some papers, but it is not so much that it is distracting and there is a bit of a drying time needed (~one minute or so).


What won me over with these highlighters was the bright, bright pigment, its cartridge based refill system, the replaceable tip, and its round, pen-like barrel. Even though I still love the design of the Stabilo Bosses, the pen-like form factor of the Platinum Preppy allows it to be a bit more controllable. One cartridge for the Platinum Preppy lasted me about a week of heavy highlighting (100 pages of journal article highlighting; I'm a heavy highlighter). I definitely think the Platinum Preppies are worthy of a purchase if you like bright highlighters. You can either buy singles for $2.50 each or a 5-pack for $12.50 over at JetPens