Calepino No. 2

The Matte Black Calepino No. 2 pencil is a real gem.  Made in France, the Calepino (which comes from the French word calepin meaning notebook) is simple, yet elegant.  The pencil has a classic look and "Fabriqué en France" is stamped in a simple script on the barrel.  The ferrule is a lustrous gold and it encases a white eraser.  The Calepino pencil is made of Pulay wood  and sharpens beautifully.

Writing with the Calepino was a pleasure as it laid down nice, smooth lines and did not smudge.  It's graphite was strong and was not subject to any breakage this past week.  The eraser that comes on the pencil is effective, but wears away pretty quickly so have a separate eraser on hand for bigger mistakes.  At around two dollars a pencil, these do not come cheap to the everyday pencil user, but well worth every penny.  What is interesting to note is that Calepino is primarily a notebook manufacturer, but they hit it out of the park with their pencil design and function here.


Overall: 9/10

*If you would like to try out the Calepino, head over to Caroline!  She sells singles and is pretty awesome!*