Läufer Color Plast Eraser


This week, I take a look at a new eraser by Läufer— the Color Plast. Läufer is a German company that is well-known for their erasers. In 2004 they merged with German stationery company Gutenberg. According to an unconfirmed report by Matthias from Bleistift, they are perhaps a part of Société Bic, the company that owns the BIC brand. The Color Plast is a plastic eraser (as if the name didn’t give that away) that comes in two varieties: blue/red or orange/yellow. Each eraser comes with a thick paper sleeve that has information on the side that it erases 4B to 9H and colored pencils— this intrigued me since it is very hard to find an eraser that can effectively erase colored pencils. Let’s see how it preformed:


For all types of graphite, this eraser performed phenomenally. The only place where it didn’t do that great was erasing some writings I had in a notebook, but that is probably because I press pretty hard when writing. Erasing with the Color Plast is a pleasure and takes very little pressure to make marks disappear. It is on the dustier side, but not as dusty as say a Pink Pearl. The dust it leaves behind is large and clumpy so it is easy to brush away. As far as erasing colored pencil— it does an adequate job. I found that the nicer the colored pencil, the harder it was to completely erase. I suspect this has something to do with the fillers/binders in colored pencil lead— something I am pretty clueless about. Perhaps a regular colored pencil user could offer more insight on this.


Aesthetically speaking, I like these a lot. The colors are super bright and the paper sleeve is designed in such a way that, while in German, is easy to read. I especially like the little icons for the pencils it can erase. It’s a nice touch. One thing I was surprised at was that the colors were not a gradient— I suspected when I removed the sleeve that it would fade from one color to the next— this was not the case. The colors instead are just one half of each color. Not a deal breaker obviously, but also not what I was suspecting. At $2.00 each, these erasers are not unreasonably priced— an eraser this size can last me well over a year, so it’s a good investment. You can pick them up at CW Pencils while they last.