General's Cedar Pointe #1


Sorry for the past two weeks of not posting.  School has been on break and I really haven't had the chance to extensively use a pencil.  This week between filling out my planner for the semester, taking notes at various back to school meetings, and making checklists for college transfer I finally was able to form an opinion on my latest pencil, the Cedar Pointe #1.  General Pencil Company's Cedar Pointe #1 had been pulled out of production for about a year when pencil fanatics (ahem Erasablers) petitioned to have the pencil put back into production.  Not only do I love the General responds to customer input, but the fact that they still manufacture the pencils right here in the US is a bonus (double bonus is that they are located in my home state of NJ!). 20160111_135202

The Cedar Pointe #1 is a lot smoother and darker than its 2HB counterpart.  It has an all natural finish with a black ferrule and eraser.  The Cedar Pointe #1 sharpens nicely and retains its point quite well since the graphite is a bit softer and darker than its 2HB cousin.  The eraser that comes on the end of the pencil is useful and while it leaves quite a bit of dust, it erases evenly and cleanly.  My only complaint really, and this is something easily remedied, is that it smears a bit and transfers to the opposite page when writing in a notebook.  One could very easily use a sheet of paper in between pages while writing, but for someone like myself constantly jotting down notes and lists, it is just not feasible to use this on projects that require no smear.


I enjoyed writing with this pencil on and off for the past few weeks and while it is one of my favorites, it does not seem to be a pencil I would use often for school purposes due to the transfer issue.  I can see this pencil in my pencil cup on my desk for scribbling something on a post-it.  It does its job and its does it well (not to mention my heart flutters at the sight of an true raw natural pencil.  You can purchase this pencil in singles by going to CW Pencil Enterprise or you can visit my friend Gary at Papernery Pop-Up Shop as he is currently selling them by the dozen (with bulk discounts on 2 and 3 dozen!).  Overall 8.5/10


General Goddess #2


I want to preface this week's entry by saying that I hate a pencil with a round barrel.  I dislike how they roll of the desk when I put them down and I generally do not like the overall absence of those sharp lines of a hexagonal pencil.  Because of this strong dislike, it had been years since I willingly picked up a pencil with a round barrel to use for an extended period of time.  When I did my random selection process at the beginning of the week, my heart sank that I would have to use this round pencil for seven whole days (!?).  Would I lose this pencil before then?  Would it fall off my desk so many times that the graphite inside would shatter rendering it un-sharpenable?  By Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised. 20151206_141331

After sharpening the Goddess, I immediately noticed the rich smell that wafted up from the pile of shavings.  The pencil sharpened up nicely and there was no point breakage at any point during the process.  For this pencil, I used the Tombow Ippo Pinch-Point pencil sharpener.


As I began to write with the Goddess, my hatred for round barrel pencils slowly began to fade.  My hand fatigued less and I did not develop that callus on my finger like I usually do.  Perhaps this was not so bad after all.  Any the pencil only rolled off the desk once in seven days, so I can't complain on that point (ha).  When it came time to use the eraser, I was nervous since it seemed as though it might fall off of the top of the pencil.  The ferrule appeared to not be securely gripping the eraser and when I did use the eraser, it took a lot of effort to effectively remove graphite from paper.  You can see the "loose" look below:


The graphite laid down smoothly on paper and did not have a hit of grittiness.  I not once experienced a point breakage all week which was a bonus.  At 80 cents a pencil from CW Pencil Enterprise, this pencil is affordable enough to give it a shot.  Overall: 8.5/10

General's Pacific 365 Final Thoughts

It has been a great week with the Pacific.  I definitely prefer the softer lead grade compared to last week's Mongol.  I also did a lot more writing this week with the Pacific.  Between meetings, crosswords, Sudoku puzzles and journal entries, this pencil really got a work out.  The KUM Long Point sharpener really made a difference this week as well as I prefer the long point on my pencils.  The KUM Brass Wedge has its place, but I think from now on, I will exclusively use the Long Point.  One thing that was noticeable about this pencil was that it seemed more fragrant than the Mongol of last week.  I have a couple of theories on that: the Pacific is a newer pencil so maybe it retained its fragrant cedar smell or it could have been the different sharpener which shaves away more of the pencil when sharpening.  Either way, I enjoyed the rich smell wafting from my pencil shavings as a I enjoyed my favorite maple latte at the local coffee joint. 20150828_114602

I was unable to carve out time this week to work on my cursive writing, so I have no samples to show, but next week's pencil will be all about the cursive (I hope it's a good choice).  I did my normal review as always in my Public Supply pocket notebook I acquired from CW Pencil Enterprise.  Here are my final thoughts:


Happy penciling everyone!