Sivo Glitter

This week, I take a look at a pencil that is produced under the umbrella of my favorite brand Hindustan-- the Sivo Glitter pencil. These pencils were originally brought to my attention by CW Pencils when they offered a free 5-pack for ordering. I wasn't sure what to expect for a 30 cent pencil, but after some time with it I was pleasantly surprised. The Sivo Glitter pencils have my favorite color scheme-- neon. Added to the pencils are a gold glitter that seems to be mixed into the paint so there is no worry of it flaking off while using the pencil. The pencils are HB and are true to grade. HB pencils are a bit too light for my liking as I prefer a 2B, but the point retention for the Sivo Glitter is right on par with more expensive HB art pencils and the like. The pencil itself is made of what I think may be basswood but I can't be sure. I was surprised since a lot of Indian pencils are made from Jelutong. Wood type aside, the Sivo Glitter sharpens beautifully. The cores on all pencils I received were centered nicely. The end of the pencil is dipped in a glittery gold like the flecks spread throughout the barrel lacquer. I will say this though-- this pencil is very light and for those of you that prefer a heavier hand feel, I'd counter balance with an eraser top or pencil cap. At 30 cents a pencil, these are definitely worth picking up. While I am not in love with them like I am with my Neon Casemates, I do love them. CW Pencil Enterprise has them in stock.